We  can deal with anxiety naturally to a certain extent but only when it  stays within certain parameters,  when we exceed these parameters it can  become too much  to cope with and can start to affect our quality of  life, taking over and  controlling what we can or cannot do.

Excessive  or prolonged stress can lead to illness,  and will mentally and  physically exhaust us, it can increase our anxiety and even cause panic  attacks. It increases When we  are  under constant pressure this can be  pressure at home, work or socially and our response will either be  anxiety, anger or depression or a combination of all three.

It  is natural for us to worry about certain things  but normally when  these things pass the worry stops. Anxiety could be described as  ‘extreme worrying’ and in some cases this may create Obssesive  Compulsive Disorder (OCD)  or maybe  physical illnesses such as  Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)  other mental or emotional issues are  also connected with Anxiety. I have heard clients describe their   anxiety as a constant fear, that is there from the moment they wake in  the morning, some clients feel panic and have no idea why, others suffer  sick feelings  in the pit of their stomach, and this  fear  can take  over for no apparent reason.  every bodies experience of anxiety is  different, but if it has started to take control of what you can or  cannot do it is time to get help.

Hypnotherapy  can certainly help with anxiety, it can help you to cope in situation  that would normally make you anxious, in a calm and relaxed way.  At  Bridgwater Hypnotherapy I use a solution focused approach my methods are  tried and tested and based on the latest findings in neuro science.

In  short,  at Martin Gibson hypnotherapy I can help you control your  Anxiety levels and help you become calm and confident in those  situations that in the past have made you Anxious.

Approximately  Twelve million adults see their Doctors with mental health issues  annually the majority  of these cases are anxiety and depression, which  is stress related.

An  initial consultation at Martin Gibson Hypnotherapy doesn’t obligate you  to continue with hypnotherapy sessions, but it can really  help you to  understand your anxiety and how hypnotherapy will help you.

You can book your  session now by calling Martin on 07456 914 901 or by using the contact page on this site.