Helping With Anxiety



We do have a natural way of dealing with Anxiety, but only if it is at a moderate level. It is when it becomes hard for you to cope with that it can affect your quality of life and can even  take over and stop you doing things you want to do, you effectively you lose control of what you can do.  Hypnotherapy  reduces your anxiety levels swiftly and can prevent anxiety in the future.


How can hypnotherapy help with anxiety?

Anxiety, can  creep up on us. There are lots of everyday things in life that we worry about and you can find yourself caught in a cycle of negative thinking – negative thoughts heighten anxiety levels, anxiety leads to negative thoughts and so on.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a modern research-based combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis, aimed at encouraging you to focus on how you want things to be. We avoid problem-talk and instead help you to visualise your preferred future. By encouraging you to think and express yourself positively, we can help to reduce your anxiety. By reducing anxiety, other related symptoms often improve and you'll feel better able to cope with life’s stresses.

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