Helping Clients with Depression


Estimates show that by 2020 we can expect depression to be the second leading disability causing disease in the world. At Martin Gibson Hypnotherapy we use Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, it can  effectively break the negative spirals of depression in a relatively short space of time, there is no  need for us to look back at the past problems that have caused the depression, instead we look at how we can help you take positive steps forward helping you out of the depressed state. When we are depressed  we do not want to interact with others we become introvert, preoccupied with our own thoughts and feelings, pushing away friends and loved ones, we have trouble seeing anything in a positive light and can see no solution to the problem. Some of the symptoms of depression are: Feeling down  Disturbed sleep, not being able to get to sleep, waking in the night or early morning, sleeping in the day  Having no energy  Weight loss or gain  Lack of interest in the things that we once enjoyed,  Lack of concentration, unable to think in a positive way or forecast positive things in the future  Increase in negative thinking   Solution focused hypnotherapy is different to any other talking therapy when it comes to treating depression and it is now thought of as the most effective treatment even in the most severe of cases. To book an initial consultation call Martin on 07456 914 901 or use the contact page on this site.